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Two Weeks Late

Please share with all of my friends, thanks. It would be nice knowing that my friends are with me reading this in spirit~ 

Hey guys, I’m writing this because I’m sad. I started crying because I’m worried about all of you. I used to be the only one home since my brothers left and dads at work, so my mom is probably lonely too. I miss being able tot talk to you guys daily and see how you were doing. It hasn’t been long but I always worry, one of my flaws, I worry too much. But as I wipe my tears away, I wonder if while I’m gone you guys, my friends, will need me. If you needed someone to talk to and I wasn’t there, I would feel terrible. I wish I could have been closer to you and give you a hug. Speaking of hugs, I really wish I was close with someone here wit ha shoulder to lean on. An’d I’m in the same position, I worried about it. How stupid of me. I wish I had someone to talk to and say, ” Are you okay?” or ,” How are you doing?” Maybe because, in my entire life that’s all I ever wanted. So much of my life has been overshadowed by silence and sadness because I had no one  to talk to. And I’m back home again. And I’m worried __ happen to you too. I care too much about you to have let that happen, but I can’t be there right now. You don’t know how much better you life becomes with a simple game, talking about life or sharing dumb pictures in the middle of the night until you don’t have them. I really miss all of you, I’ll come back and make you guys proud, so stay strong with me. You guys aren’t here physically but we’ll get through this together! I love you.                                   ~James

I wrote this on the June 25th and sending this on the June 29th. The initial wave of worry is gone but I’ll always be worried about all of you.. and myself. I might go to basic training from reception next week. I’ll talk to you when I can. I love all of you.



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