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Second to my Previous

Hope you’re doing well! Don’t worry about me~

2016-07 -4:

Happy 4th of July guys! Sorry I couldn’t be there to watch the fireworks with you guys. I’m still at reception sadly, so I haven’t really done any physical activity other than marching. Fort Sill is okay I guess, Oklahoma is really hot and humid though. My feet are starting to blister from breaking in my new boots and walking/standing around so much. I presume you got my last letter already, so sorry if it worried you guys; I was just feeling a little isolated, it’s not that bad. So much is happening that I haven’t been able to know, so I feel a little out of the loop. I’m not sure when this is going to get to you, but I might have started basic training finally.

I’m supposed to leave reception this Thursday (two weeks ago), but luck was not on my side so I’ve been stuck here for another week (last Thursday). When I get to basic I’ll be able to get an actual address, so you can write letters/ send some stuff maybe. O hope you’re doing well. A lot can happen in 2 weeks. Things around here have been both uneventful and eventful. I haven’t done much since I finished all my tests and paper work. I have all my uniforms and stuff too, but I still my my hair. Again, sorry about my last letter, I probably made you worry; it’s not that bad, I promise. I’m trying to become a better person. Most of the people from last week left, so I’ve said my goodbyes to them last Thursday (two weeks ago) and I have a new group of people again. Most of the people are pretty loud and quite frankly borderline obnoxious. I’ve only wanted to stab a few people with my pen while I’m writing. I miss some of the people from last week (two weeks ago) and some people this week are okay I guess.

Okay, so it’s like 30 minutes to and hour later now because I just got in trouble for everyone else being dumb even though I told them explicitly what NOT to do. Technically it’s lights out right now but whatever. Everyone was supposed to change from our T-shirts to our uniform then back to our T-shirts and shorts but.. I wasn’t having any of that. So guess who hid in the laundry room until he was out of sight? Yup, me. We got yelled at for a while about everything but I think he had to leave because he couldn’t keep us up past lights out. Some people have done some stupid shit out of my barracks thought, such as: dragging one’s balls across some guy’s stuff and getting hit in the face, which made everyone in reception get in trouble by bothering a drill sergeant unnecessarily.. via 5 push-ups and running to our bay and back every 10 minutes for 2 hours, doing prison tats with pen and needle or whatever, idk how it works, and getting lectured on infections, and lastly for drinking an entire bottle of hand sanitizer and almost dying.

Yup, I’m surrounded by fucking morons. Anyways I’ll call if I ever have the chance. Basic training is like 9 weeks long, and I’m not sure how often I can make phone calls but I’ll make sure to send letters out every once in a while if I can’t call. I hope your lives have been as.. “interesting” as mine and you need to tell me about anything I’ve missed since as soon as you get the chance alright? Basic training is going to be tough for me, but I’ll do my best to make it through it and become a stronger person. I love you and I’ll talk to you soon™.                         Love, James


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