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Past Phone Call

Sorry its been so long, the want to write is there but the actual ability to do it is beyond me. I apologize to my club for never presenting anything, this is what held me up:

I was the nice one

I made choices that weren’t exactly done

So I was called that day

Hypnotized by a rattlesnake’s sway, finding my mind at bay, while my heart slowly sank away

Soothing yet confusing, the phone I hear ringing

I picked up the phone and I heard her breathing

So slow and calm like nothing was wrong

But it was wrong

It couldn’t be have been right

I couldn’t think so I ran away

“Why me.. why now?”

I regret and forgot, I let myself down

I believed she was gone

Someone for so long

But she was still there

And I.. was not

So I hung up.



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4 responses to “Past Phone Call

  1. elfberry

    This is a lot better than you’re giving yourself credit for. It’s short and sweet but also a sort of sucker punch of feels.

    Liked by 1 person

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