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I’ve seen you fall… physically and mentally. I’ve seen you take the hits.. for yourself or for others. I’ve seen you take the harder path to make it easier for others. I’ve seen you pick the wrong choice to help others see the right one more clearly. I’ve seen you in the worst of situations.. that I don’t think I can see anymore. And with that, I don’t want to either. I can see what you’ve done. But I want to see you change. I want you to reach your goal without holding back. I want you to be praised for how well you did while you tried your hardest. I want you to stand up and stop falling. I want you to get up. Again. And again. And again! And keep getting up to show everyone else how much you’ve changed. I want you to understand that I believe in you. To know that I will be right here for you. I’ll be on the sidelines. I’ll be in the background. And I’ll be among the crowd who stand against you. I will see you in that slow-mo moment when the sound stops and everyone’s faces blur and wash away. The only thing I will see will be you, with a beautiful smile on your face. That’s when I know… So stand strong and teach others the path you took. Because, some of the ones behind you could be others paying attention to you from the sidelines or in the background or in the crowd; just waiting for their chance to become like you. So once again, thank you for being an inspiration for me too.


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