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I really can’t express..

It’s come to my attention that in my last 3 years of language arts at Marquette I have made multiple mistakes that i should feel embarrassed about and still feel up to today feel embarrassed about. This short little assignment is going to go into one moment from each year that I can always look back to and think, “Hell, I really have to start paying attention in class or else I’ll just be making more stupidly embarrassing memories.” Obviously not all of these memories will come out clearly or be as funny as the other but who cares, nobody knows what is going on in my head.

Lets start off with Freshman year in Mr. Durham’s 9th grade Language arts class. I can always enter his classroom today and see where everyone sat first semester. During that semester, we were assigned another Explode a Moment assignment, no sports injuries this year either, and mine often resembled the one I did in my last paper. I had all the snapshots and thought shots down and the paper was a pretty decent size but there was always the problem with the format. Basic MLA Format seemed actually complicated the first time i used it because they make you put down 4 thing in one column and the dates are all reversed and loopy and no one really cares about this stuff. Anyways this is where I screwed up. Mr. Durham showed us a diagram on the board of how the paper should look and explained it almost too many times, since nobody really listened at the time. So on the board was the MLA Format example. On the left column said: Student, Teacher, Class, and Date. I obviously didn’t hear him at all when I was copying the board, so I followed the example. My name was Austin and I was a student, Austin Student. My teacher was Mr. Durham and yada yada. Thinking back to this, I think this is when I actually started to interact with my class. Back to what I was saying, I put Austin Student as my name. I was the only one of all his classes to do it. One of 100 whatever amount of kids. The shame I have brought upon my family is branded into my mindset.

   Hey so anyways, I went and checked how many words I had on Word and it said I already had enough. So much for the other two moments, maybe I’ll share them when another one of these torturous things are assigned. Lucky for you all, I have the proof of my embarrassment just a click away. And here ya go! See you guys tomorrow, I have to go play ga-.. finish homework.Master Austin


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2 responses to “I really can’t express..

  1. Now looking back at this picture, I can see 2 things i did wrong..


  2. Ha! I remember that–good laugh!


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