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“untitled” unfortunately..

It feeds off the hearts of the dishonest.

Appears when its least expected.

And leaves when its already too late.

It slips into the shadow’s of people and harvests their innocence.

It’s lack of form makes it even more ominous.

It surrounds us in our dreams and follows us where we go.

It’s intention arises from other people.

It doesn’t want to be this way but can’t be changed.

As it waits in the the back of our minds in a rusted old treasure chest.

It begins to grow due to corruption and anger.

It continues to feed off such negative thoughts.

All that’s left is to either show itself or pretend to not be there.

But the real answer is already there.

There is no space left in that chest to hide anymore.

There is only one way release it, to vanquish the intentions of the foul.

Atonement is the key to it’s freedom.








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6 responses to ““untitled” unfortunately..

  1. Nice man. I’m gonna guess guilt?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I know but I’ll let others guess first. 5 letter word?


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