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Laziness or for the better?

I’ve come to realize that for some time now that when I greet people, whether they’re classmates or friends, that the words I would usually say have retreated to the back of my mouth and refuse to come out. I open the cave to let the bats out but all I hear is echo. It feels like I’ve been gone for so long that the words “Hi” or “What’s up?” have become awkward. And even if I did say them, there was no guarantee that my words would slip through their private thought bubble or sound louder than the music that is filing into their brain. This is when that old clichĂ© that every inspirational movie has comes in. Actions speak louder than words. Which I’m seeing quite often nowadays, although not exactly in the same situations as in the movies. My personality has resorted to body behavior as my source of communication since actually talking has become inconvenient or I’ve just become so lazy. So when I’m walking in the hallway, my substitute for oncoming familiar people has come down to smiling, nodding, low and high fives, and finally the most popular, eyebrow raising. So if you see me and try to say something, you’ll understand my position if you haven’t already. Anyways this was just something I wanted to make note of. Surely something to peak your interest or grab your attention while you’re supposed to be writing a two page essay due tomorrow. And.. the day goes on.


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One response to “Laziness or for the better?

  1. snayls42

    I personally enjoy the physical connection of a high-five. And feel that a facial gesture can convey a very complete message across a distance without drowning out those around you (as long as you know what you’re doing).

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