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I believe that I have a very good group of friends that support me in my choices or troubles. I go to them for help regarding academics or romantic advice, or sometimes even a revelation that reveals itself to me during a day. It’s like a normal conversation in regards to these topics. But when you’re mad or hindered by problems, how the hell would you fix that with help from someone. The most you will get is sympathy and that won’t give you shit. I mean, thanks for the thought and all but doing something would be more considerate. Speaking of consideration, like the title of this rant, the reason why I’m on here blowing off anger is because no one else would want to hear a young adult (officially) talk about his minuscule problems compared to the ones that are actually happening every fucking day. Plus why ruin someone else’s day by being all negative and depressing by how pissed off you are since you can’t deal with your own shit. Thank you internet. Thank you for being my console. But you are a huge fucking asshole for probably being the root cause of tonight’s anger. Get your shit together and find me somewhere to take it out on.. at fucking one AM.


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  1. Hope you feel a little better today, buddy!


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