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Anniversary (Durham Prompt)

An anniversary is a date on which an event took place in a previous year, according to google. Woah speaking of anniversaries, it was my grandparents’ yesterday. They’ve been married for 70 years now. They celebrated their anniversary every ten years by going to places where they spent together and eating their favorite foods, even if they foods were complete opposites. Although this year it was different. This year we went to a park and then a Chinese restaurant as a family. My grandma is pretty fragile now but she seems energetic around people even though its her anniversary and not ours. She would order all of our favorite dishes and hers too. The day couldn’t have been finished without the sight of dessert. Of course since this was a genuine Chinese restaurant, the dessert was not fortune cookies but rather a pastry. The pastry made a Reese’s Pieces shape with the dough on the outside and a sweet yellow paste filled and revealed  in the middle. All of us took one, only leaving one left on the plate leftover. I took a bite of mine but didn’t finish it because I don’t enjoy them much anymore. I looked towards my grandma with a smile but found something else on her expression. She had taken a small bite of her pastry and began to silently cry as she chewed it. It only made sense that she is crying. It was her 70th anniversary with my grandpa. There was one pastry left at the table. Today was not only their anniversary day, but it was also the seventh year after my grandpa passed away in his sleep on their 63rd year of their marriage.


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  1. Ahh–not bad. The surprise ending kinda holds the emotion off until the end. Nice scene though!

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