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Wednesday Morning

I walked in the classroom to see everyone in the room testing. My gaze kinda goes through a slow-mo scene when in memorizes who is in the room and what they’re all doing. Though that’s my view, compared to the people in the room who just see me flick my eyes back and forth for about three seconds without turning my head. As my mind is returning to reality, I make my way to my designated spot as a teacher aid. But instead of sitting down and listening to music until  the end of the class period, my figure stands a few paces away. I begin to rub my eyes as if I had some dust in them to double check what I was seeing was real. There was a transparent box floating above the person sitting in the seat. The person was smaller than average, had brown hair, and had a few freckles. His eyes were closed as to be sleeping but no one else in the room noticed. The box above the boy’s head was identical to one that would be in an MMO where the player’s name would be. The name/username inside said “CRIED“. I didn’t really understand what this guy was doing here so I attempted to wake him up. When I touched his limp arm, a jolt of electricity shocked through my body and I began to feel my body go numb. My eyesight went first and then the strength in my legs. When the rest of my body hit the ground,  I saw CRIED move.

Eventually I regained consciousness. I was sitting in my usual seat in the same repetitive daily scenario. I looked around for real this time, no slow-mo, to see the same kids working and the same teacher grading papers. That was a weird dream. I started up to go the restroom when I felt odd. A comfortable fabric supported my feet from beneath. I looked down to see that my usual maroon converse were replaced with black and white Nike shoes. The stop of my heart would surely bring me back to reality. I moved my eyes across the room but nothing had changed about it. That’s when I noticed a sway of color caught in my peripheral vision. I focused my eyes upwards to see a clump of dark brown and a box floating above me. My mind suddenly flashed back to the boy sleeping in the chair. I peered above my head again to find CRIED and confirm that this was probably a dream but what I ended up seeing gave me the chills. Instead of seeing the crossed out word “CRIED”, the letters were rearranged to reveal his real name.. or now my name. THE END…

I’d just like to say that  I really enjoy reading and writing very much and even if I know some things aren’t real, I can still believe they might be real. Especially in this case, when you become someone named CRIED and find out that his real name is the main character  of the book you wrote. Yeah, it’s kinda scary to believe that I became CRIED in this story.. or should I say Edric?


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