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Left Helpless

She thought it was fun to go to parties with the popular kids and do popular things, but her mind set may have changed after her first experience with a high school prank. The innocent sophomore girl was invited by the school’s star football player, his girlfriend, and three other side characters that no one cares about to go to a “party” at an abandoned house  at the end of an eerie street that was closed off due to “construction” (in this case it was a murder area for several cases). The murderer was a dropout college student by the name of Colin Severstein. The boy had a mental disorder that made his body twitch uncontrollably under stress or pressure, that soon led to a permanent slight twitch in his daily behavior. Colin had killed two freshman college students that had came home for vacation. Colin explained that their stress and problems were nothing compared to his and decided to relieve them if their stress since he can never really stop his own. He was sent to an insane asylum shortly in 2008, but shortly escaped without a sound. But all that information is totally unimportant because that was years ago. The curious sophomore girl was just going to a party with all the cool kids to finally make it at the top in high school. So the six high school kids went early in the evening, all dressed in suits and dresses, and stood before the house of forgotten Colin Severstein. The football star, Bryan Crofin, and his girlfriend, Sarah Hayes, walked in first with the sophomore girl right behind and the other three side characters making up the back. The couple told the girl that since it’s a popular party, there wouldn’t be people openly walking around so that people must be hiding. They told the girl to check the second floor of the house while the others checked the first. Obviously she just assumed they were telling the truth, so she readily started her way up the stairs. She looked back to see the other kids walk into different corridors on the lower floor. When the girl got to the top, a booming sound of thunder echoed throughout the house. Looking down one of the hallways she heard a screechy sound of a scream. At first she thought that it may have been one of the girls from downstairs or maybe even one of the boys, but then the goosebumps found her and began to crawl all over her skin. The chilling sound she heard was not from downstairs but from the floor she was on. Yes! This made sense, one of the party people was up here and couldn’t help from letting out their voice. A smile touched the corners her face. The girl began to skip quietly down the hallway until she came across a room with an old television on and a rocking chair that seemed to be rocking. The sophomore peeked into the room to see a horror movie being played  on the old TV. She couldn’t make out the person in the chair but she noticed that he was wearing a suit. In surprise, the girl jumped through the doorway yelling,” I found ya!” Although instead of seeing a sophomore or junior boy rocking in the chair, her eyes locked on a black mask head slightly twitching on top of a well-dressed twitching body. The girls face, got more than chills when she realized who she was staring at. Her face lost all source of color and her palms began to sweat. Her heartbeat quickened faster than during a marathon in a race and her breathing became shallow as if she had just surprised the wrong person for a birthday party.. which in this case, is correct. The lifeless twitching figure cocked his head to the side of his body and his hands began to grip the rocking chair. Another boom of thunder echoed the house and a flash of lightning turned the room inside out. Before the flash, the monster was in the the chair. Now the figure was less than two feet away for the girl. The girl let out her own piercing scream before she kicked the ground out of the room and ran for what felt like her life. She looked back constantly but could never see him fully because of the convenient flashes of lightning in the the dulled sky. Every time she did though and saw him, was in a limped walking position while vigorously shaking his head and his undead limbs. She stumbled a few times down the stairs before racing for the door. The girl didn’t even think about calling out for her other “friends”. She yanked at the door several, what seemed like hundreds, of times to free herself from her fear. She turned back once more to the face of Colin Severstein, staring into her eyes. His eyes flickering between both of hers and his hands shaking the door that held her from escaping. The lightning flashed one last time and she didn’t dare look back at him, until she felt his mouth touch her own ear. A warm breath went past her ear followed by a whisper. Colin whispered in the dead of silence,” Would you like me to relieve you of this stress, young lady?”


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