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“Ouch,” I said as I picked myself off the ground. My eyes squinted up at the empty sky with it’s burning yellow companion. I wish I had a companion.. I looked around and I did! Laying on the ground next to me was a gold and blue old-timey bicycle, a name tag with the smudged name LERØY was stuck on the front. I checked my black jean’s pockets to find that my wallet was missing and was replaced with a business card that said “This is just a note from your neighborhood bum on the streets. I’ve taken your wallet for pay for what you did last night. Good luck soon to be bum friend!” I stared at the wrinkly piece of paper in disbelief. What the heck happened? A gust of wind blew past me that made my shirt sway slightly and also created a bit of a dust devil next to me. Staring down at the dust devil I began to notice my shirt wasn’t what i remembered. I was wearing a retro black and white shirt with the movie School of Rock pasted on the front of it. After examining it, I then began to look around me and that I was in the middle of a desert. There were no people, no animals, and no clouds. Just a blazing sun, dead plants, and endless telephone poles. I had no idea what time it was or what I was doing, or even what I was doing the night before. I didn’t know what I was doing,so I began to walk. I picked up LERØY, stashed the wonderfully weird business card in my pocket, and traveled along the road with my green converse, black jeans, and awesome School of Rock shirt. Everything looked the same so I couldn’t tell if I was going anywhere and it felt like time was just being wasted as I walked, even though I didn’t know the time in the first place. The sun melted away all possibilities of cooling down and a strange buzzing began to ring in my ears. I looked up at the sky but no clouds were in sight. I looked along the road when I spotted a miniature van in the distance. Of course it was miniature because it was so freaking far away, but luckily the car had been heading in my direction. Although it was far off, hope was hope. As i kept walking with LERØY, I kept on glancing back to see if it was getting any closer.. it wasn’t. Although it was good luck to see some people in this wasteland, bad luck was right behind it. As turned around to keep walking, when I accidentally tripped and tumble forward. When I turned around, my body suddenly ached. The body of an 8 feet (the mature size) long rattlesnake had risen itself off the ground. My eyes wandered down to where a rough shaking was heard from the snake’s tail, which surprisingly covered a blotch of dried blood. I then checked around for the animal that it must have killed but found nothing. A wave of chills ran down my spine when I began to check my own body. My black jeans had a new hole near the left knee and everything else was covered in dust. Except for a darkened gash by my wrist. Seems as if the snake’s fangs were a bit off and instead of biting me, it made a deep slit on my arm. Blood slowly dripped down from my arm to the ground. I didn’t realize the full event of the injury until I touched the cut and a strong sting pinged up my arm. “Fug,” I moaned. Not knowing what to do because of the snake, I began to turn again before i realized that my trusty companion, LERØY, was behind me.. and the snake. LERØY had stopped and fell to the ground when I fell over. His rusty handles looked at me with sadness and his front wheel turned away from me as to hide away it’s feelings. I couldn’t save LERØY without endangering myself again. All I could do was leave him behind. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, then picked up my dripping arm so that it was parallel to the ground to stop the dripping. And then I turned away, and began to walk again. The sun didn’t move and it began to feel like hours were passing by faster than the van getting closer. It must be a mirage or something else that’ll kill me in this freakin’ dessert. I didn’t have water, my arm was bleeding, I lost my memory.. and my wallet, and I abandoned LERØY. My mind was spinning and my eyes began droop down to the ground. I felt my body fall to the ground, I was going to die. As I was giving into this relentless nightmare, a familiar sound rang through my ears. A buzzing.. of a car. My body stiffed up at the touch of something on my shoulder, which caused a jolt of pain in my drained arm. I squinted my eyes at the shadow above me. It was a guy. He was wearing similar clothing, as well as a School of Rock shirt, but he reeked of alcohol. “Yooooo Austin, you awake man?” the mop headed stranger asked. I looked past the guy to see a an old VW bus painted like the show’s mystery machine from Scooby-Doo. Inside were two more people. A guy with an acoustic guitar and a girl with long hazel hair. My eyes slowly moved back to the guy in front of me. “Yoooo Austin, you’re missing out on the party. I know Greg asked you go to the drug store during the party but you didn’t have to take that shitty thing,” the guy said as he pointed at the old blue and gold bicycle, it was none other than LERØY. “C’mon man, it’s time to go back, you’re gonna miss the fireworks we’re gonna shoot off soon,” the guy said in a slurred voice. I groaned in pain and exhaustion as the guy helped me up. “Man I don’t remember anything, what happened?” I asked. He replied before I even finished my sentence,” Haha dude, you were so drunk and you didn’t want to drink and drive so you took Greg’s dad’s bike to go run an errand for him. But duddde, you totally forgot that Greg’s Dad lives in the freakin’ dessert off the grid.” As I trudged to the Mystery Machine, the guy with the guitar helped me in and the girl with hazel hair gave me a kiss on the cheek. The School of Rock guy got in the driver’s seat and the other two closed the door. As he started the engine I asked for the time. Mop Head pointed at the clock, it read 5 PM. “Wuh? What time did I leave for the store?” I asked quizzically. Shortly afterward, as if someone stopped time, Hazel Hair whispered into my ear. My eyes opened wide but my mouth opened wider when I yelled,” FOR FUCK’S SAKE! I’VE ONLY BEEN OUT HERE AN HOUR?!”


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