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90’s Childhood Review

So throwing back to the 1990’s that I often forget but wish not to, I came across a video the replayed all the old television shows that I watched in my younger years. There was CatDog, Hey Arnlold, Jake the American Dragon, and way more I’m happy to announce that I’ve seen. But one certain show left me spiraling in my own thoughts for a while to the point that I had to discuss with someone immediately, which I did last night and now. The show Code Name Kids Next Door brought great imagination and creativity into my mind, even though it was slightly replacing the areas that could be filled with educational information. So significance of CODENAME K.N.D that I came to was that it was a perfect example of something that we lack today, social equality. Allow me to elaborate. CODENAME K.N.D is about children below the age of 13 fighting against evil adult tyranny. The theme of freedom during early years is exhibited in where the children spend their time and what they do (aka in an extremely large tree house, too big and unrealistic to be possible, and creating methods to avoid “adult brainwashing”. So that sums up the plot line of an amazing show that ended almost exactly six years after it was debuted (one of my all time favorite shows). But that’s not what this is about, this is about the characters that Tom Warburton, the creator, had made. The main group was known as Sector V of the K.N.D, whom were: Numbuh 1 (Nigel Uno), Numbuh 2 (Hoagie Gilligan), Numbuh 3 (Kuki Sanban), Numbuh 4 (Wally Beatles), and Numbuh 5 (Abigail Lincoln). What I’m going to hit you with is the discovery that I now only realized and makes me so happy to know. Unlike TV shows nowadays, CODENAME K.N.D presents a shows with equal social equality in my own opinion. Let’s start! 5. Abigail Lincoln is laid back African-American girl that was named after none other than President Abraham Lincoln. 4. Wallabee Beatles is a short Australian-American with a blonde bowl cut that was named after, once again, none other than the famous rock band, The Beatles. 3. Kuki Sanban is a bubbly Japanese-American girl that whose name “Sanban” means the number three in Japanese. 2. Hoagie Gilligan is a overweight German-American boy that is known for the inventions he makes to support the team and the old brown aviator hat he wears, referencing pilots. 1. Nigel Uno is a bald English-American boy who received his last name because “Uno” is the Italian and Spanish for one. So now gathering up all this information in a blink of an eye, you might seem some significance, hopefully. Tom Warburton created five unlike characters with different race, ethnicity, sizes, and appearances into one team to represent the rest of the children of the K.N.D. There was no sign of exclusion or isolation due to these differences. The work of Sector V is well-known to the rest of the organization, not just because of the missions they’ve completed. Realizing this discovery, probably everyone has noticed already.. I’m just slow, I came to enjoy the show even more and am willing to persuade you (the reader) to enjoy it as well. And.. that’s all. I just wanted to voice my opinion for the 90’s kids that lived in the years that I did. Have a good day everyone 


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  1. If you ever get the chance, watch the entire Voltron series (the one with the lions, not the cars).


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