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Fix the Bridge

Hey there [Insert Name Here],

Hey there, it’s been a while. Yeah yeah, I’m great and you? Ah that sounds tough, is school busy for you too? Yeah it seems as if the rumors that junior year is the most difficult and stressful. Yeah I have the same feeling. Actually, just last week, I felt so overwhelmed with work at home, school and my friendships that I totally shut down. I cut off all connections to people and didn’t complete any work until the night before, which even then I would procrastinate. Sorry I was rambling.. Yeah it’s gotten a lot better now this week, thanks for asking. I’m sorry I’ve been distant. Ever since we split ways in middle school and walked our separate paths into high school, there have been so many distractions and things in my life that I have to prioritize or else I’ll lose my mind. I’m glad I could talk to you. Yeah, I’ll try to message you more often. It seems that I’ve lost contact with some of my best friends because the time that has passed. Yeah no shit, 3 years has gone by like the ice cream truck skipping your neighborhood. I’m glad I could reconnect with you too and I’m really glad your doing okay. You can always talk to me if something happens.. I don’t go anywhere much. I just didn’t want you to think ill of me or think I was inactive. I just over thought then. Well thanks for talking to me for this short while. I hope your week goes well. Tell your parents hello for me. Yup yup, bye!


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