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Unnecessary Writer’s Block

Dear electric flat screen of the year 2015,

I have encountered a obstacle like no other, one without form and reason to stop me from advancing towards my goal. Although this mystical illusion in my mind is stopping me from writing, it has also brought a sense of laziness and disinterest with it. With nothing to do, I set myself out in the silence of the library. The only thing notable in here are the constant sounds of tapping keys and clicking mice. This bothers me. Nothing to do and nothing to help me write. I usually fill this time with fairy tales and unreal stories but, as I mentioned before, disinterest of one of my ongoing works has led me astray. Leaving me, and five other people, alone in a silent room with no sound. But here I am, making sound as I type away utter rubbish and commentary in excuse of writer’s block. Please help. I would like to do something, but what I should be working on is so lost that I can’t find a start again. Thank you for listening to this ongoing unimportant ramble. It seems that you, computer screen, are always there for me.


Unfortunately Austin

P.S. Forever alone. (O .o)


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