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Too Excited to Sleep

I sit here before you my bright piece of technology to excitedly write about how I cannot go to sleep due to the thousands of thoughts and images that are flowing through my head. Despite my soon to be terrible grammar and spelling, I still can’t help myself but hop on this almost useless site and feel somewhat important. Originally staying up to feel cool and procrastinate my homework but ending the night with the satisfaction of reading another wonderfully written book by John Green and his on going inspiration of book. I can thoroughly express how giddy i am right now after starting and finishing a 310 pagee book. Theres nothing more to this entry than just that. How interesting books are even though they were originally made off of the basic lives of human beings. But not has involved into the interest of my imagination to the point that it prevents me from sleep and any other sort of satisfaction besides in the ending of the book. Don’t be surpriesd if i’m not a zombie tomorrow along with the other 2,200 kids in my schoolf. Uh uh uh, I feel that im typing relatively fast right now but thats because of the exhileration of reaading a great book so late at night, And yes to answer your brain thought, exhileration probably isnt the best for to use for reading but hey…. I DONT KNOW WHY IM STILL UP. And making terrible mistakes at that. So as I always do, I’m just going to go off topic just so that i can successfully get a good 300 words or so on this post in reference to my english teacher’s first assignment on this website of a blog of at least 300 words. Shit I am 11 words off, by the way notice how I used the number “11” instead of writing the actual word out because I believe this same teacher also taught me that any number that is below ten should be written out. I don’t remember exactly why but A LOT of things don’t make sense that we learn in school, especially regarding Math and English. 1 Math which is fundamentally used in every day life… every day. And 2. English with all the freaking different types of nouns and gerunds and phrases and things that will not be identified ever again.. except maybe nouns (weird). Anyways my typing is slowing  down and I bleieve I need some sleep in order to wake up in exactly 3 hours to wish my mom off for wherever she is going so I wish all of thee good morning and goodluck for this upcoming week. Enjoy your late start Marquette Students (“S” in students shouldn’t be capitalied). THE FREND


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  1. Everyone reaches a point in which they realize that books can stimulate your mind as profoundly as drugs can, except without the compromised brain damage. Surges of inspiration are euphoric.

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