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Late Night Confrontation

Back in my Creative Writing class last semester, my teacher had us right a short paragraph about the deepest, darkest that we had and write it down so that no one would be able to figure it out. Well I wrote it down and decided I was pretty proud of it, so I stashed it away (luckily he didn’t collect it). You know that cliche where if you don’t deal with it now, it will come back and bite you in the butt? Well, mine just walked into a restaurant with no shirt or shoes and ordered a sandwich. My intense, terrifying, ugly secret just came back and bit me right in the ass. 11:53 PM: My long forgotten curse has finally caught up to me:

The phone rang.

It rang from inside my friend’s pocket.

He picked up but there was no answer.

He hung up.

The phone rang again but from inside the house.

My mom picked up but there was no answer.

She hung up.

My phone rang.

I picked up, there was an answer.

“This is Austin right?”

I dropped the phone.

It fell down to the ground and disappeared along with the world around me.

A darkness filled my surroundings.

And then I woke up.


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6 responses to “Late Night Confrontation

  1. oops.. write* It seems that I have some spelling problems when I don’t go to bed at my bedtime (8 PM)


  2. Before I read this I had a guess at what it might be about. There’s not much I know about your personal life other than what’s come out in class, but after reading this three or four times I don’t think it’s what I thought originally. If you ever do want to share, I’d be intrigued to know, but I wouldn’t expect you to. It’s none of my business and that’s the beauty of poetry and this kick-ass assignment. (I made sure to collect them this semester!)

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