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Lonely Friendship

Here I sit. The weather outside is barely enjoyable through the window blurred with rain in this gloomy forest. It’s a comfortable temperature after a daily routine of chores. I began to interact with my more creative side today. After finishing up at the nearby well, I found some twigs and twine around my home and ended up creating miniature figures with them. But before I knew it, it was already dark out and had to head back home, where I live by myself. And that’s where I am now. Sitting here near the window, a single flicker of a candle reflected in the window.

Well that was soon to be changed. I lived, on the outskirts of Dresmond (drez-MIN-d), and the world I lived in was not for humans alone to roam on. There were trolls and goblins and unicorns and all types of magical creatures that inhabited forests and caves. They lived alongside mankind and, in certain times, against it too. But one creature in specific is an unseen mythical creature known as Byoukam. The Byoukam were savage manlike creatures that were similar to humans with hands and feet but they were also green and brown with the main difference of being two times the height of a grown man. So identical and knowledgeable as they were, they learned human speech and learned to understand it. With this adaptation, the Byoukam manipulated their own nature and began to kill off other species that stepped in their territory, including humans.

A regional battle broke out and I was caught within it, along with my deaf sister. She was 6 and I was 10 when our village was attacked by multiple Byoukam. They broke down our homes and killed the innocent. Even my sister. The only way I survived was because I ran away, I ran from those monsters. I ran from my village. And of anything, I ran from something I was meant to protect.  Months later, the Byoukam were stated as one of the most dangerous threats of the region to have ever existed. Yes, existed, as in past tense. It’s been eight years since that terrifying night and no byoukam have been seen since. Until… this morning.

I fell asleep in that chair by the window. I could feel the morning sun warming me up but the feeling was soon taken away when a small breeze flew in. My eyes were blurred by drowsiness and I could hardly see. I could feel the outdoor air hitting my skin but could not understand since I didn’t leave a door or window open before I had fallen asleep. That’s when my eyes were greatly widened to see my locked door, crookedly torn off and laying against the right of the doorway. “Holy hobgoblin!” I yelled. What the heck happened? Before confusing myself more, I walked through the ajar door from my house to the sun-speckled opening in the front of it. I didn’t see anything at first because my eyes were still adjusting but I might have wished that they hadn’t. About 20 feet away was a brownish figure sitting on the ground with it’s head facing away from me. I froze completely. This isn’t possible, he thought. I need to go back inside. But his legs couldn’t move and began to quiver. His eyes shot arrows towards the creature in front of him. Don’t be here, no Byoukam should be alive anymore!

He was proved completely wrong as the lone Byoukam stood up and turned around. The first thing he noticed was the orange patched color on his chest and shoulders. It spread slightly towards it’s large hands and large feet. Then he looked at it’s face. It’s face had a slim narrowed nose that could be barely noticed because of  the two thin nostrils that hid within some colorful splotches of orange in the middle and right side of it’s face. Without even noticing it, the almost imaginary character cast it’s crimson eyes down towards it’s chest to reveal a dynamic shape burned into the left of it’s chest, as if someone stabbed the creature with a burning weapon. “You are a Byoukam,” he said. The words naturally fell out of his mouth. He was in utter shock and fright that the last, or that he knows of, of the dangerous species was standing before him. As he fell to his knees, he could not tear his eyes away from the burn mark on it’s chest. Noticing the man’s gaze, the lone Byoukam slowly walked towards him. It’s eyes looked deeply into the man’s dark blue eyes, it did not break it’s steady stride. The man was so lost in thought that he could not stand or run in fear of what the Byoukam would do. What he didn’t know was what it did, would scare him the most.

The Byoukam stood in front of him, towering above him by about 2’1 feet making it roughly 8 feet tall, a small size for a normal Byoukam. But without any warning or sign, the Byoukam leaned down to one knee and held it’s head parallel to the ground. Bits of sound and noise came from the being’s stretched jaw but the man could not interpret or understand in any way. The creature looked up to see the man’s face twisted in confusion. Seeing this reaction the creature made a subtle grin and stuck it’s hands out. It lay it’s left hand flat in front of itself and placed it’s right hand in a fist with it’s thumb sticking up and placed it on it’s flat hand. Then using both of it’s hands, it pulled the gesture towards itself. Assuming it was indicating something to do with itself. He stood there staring at it’s hands, not out of fear anymore but out of confusion. The hand gesture that the creature just made was the sign for help, it wanted help from someone. Coming out of hiding after all these years to look for help. A brave thing to do and amazing as well to have reminded him of what his sister used to do quite a bit in the past. But of course that was in the past.

The chirping birds and wavering of trees around them, broke him out of his trance to the problem at hand. But before he could do anything, the last Byoukam stood up and turned away from him. Distancing from him, he saw its crimson eyes glisten before disappearing again beyond the rest of it’s slumped over body. “Wait!” he exclaimed. “Don’t leave yet.” The voiceless being did not respond and continued to walk away from the only other living being it had made tried to make contact with. “Stop!” He yelled again. But the byoukam did not stop. Frustration and uncertainty built up inside him. He picked himself off the ground and ran towards the figure. He ran beside the creature and then in front. Then as the only byoukam looked down into his eyes, the boy repeated the same hand gesture as the creature did but pointed it towards it after doing so. “Hey,” he said, “I’ll help you.. well for a little bit at least.” The 18 year-old boy reached out his hand in front of himself and said, “My name is Jed, and you are?” The byoukam’s face creased upwards into a smile that soon slightly opened with a low groan. Jed waited a little as the byoukam kept opening and closing it’s mouth, letting out all kinds of sounds. But Jed knew what was happening, the Byoukam was trying to talk to him. Jed dropped his hand and waved it at the Byoukam to indicate it to follow him. As he walked back to his broken down door, he turned to see that his new companion was not following. He stood at the entrance of the house until the Byoukam slowly walked towards him. Jed turned into the doorway but was stopped in place when his cotton shirt was caught on something. Jed turned once again to see the Byoukam holding onto the edge of his shirt. “What’s wrong?” Jed questioned. After a brief period of silence, the Byoukam once more opened it’s mouth and said, ”Friend.” Jed smiled up at him, as he walked into the open doorway followed by his new friend, Friend.


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