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Ordinary Makeshift Story

Above the land of Jemini, stood a girl of the age 13. She had eyes of scarlet and long hazel hair. She towered over a crumbling city which bursted in flames and fire across it’s walls. Her silver dress glimmered off the setting sun as her home was destroyed before her eyes. She was tranced in utter shock as she, on a peak to the northeast,watched as fellow friends and villagers fled from the incoming force of evil, the Crotings. She reached out her hand towards her home and watched as it trembled. She couldn’t stand to sit aside and not do anything. She wished to help. She wished to save them. She wished.. that she could at least share their fate. Ready for any possible consequence she leaned forward into the forceful breeze of the winter wind. She felt as though she could fall and nothing would change. She stepped forward unto the air with no ground beneath her. The Crotings would be victorious in conquering her city and erasing all of the royal family. As a single tear rolled down her cheek, she fell off the peak. Her mind clear and heart full of sorrow. But before she could fall anymore, she was jolted in the air. She did not realize what was happening. She squinted upwards to see boy covered in mud and blood stains hanging over the cliff. His pale thin arms holding onto her frail dangling arm. “MAY!” The boy yelled, as he gripped her untouched pure arms with his grimy hands. “…”. The girl, May, looked up quizzically on what he just tried to say. “I said Ho-…” Again she couldn’t understand what he was trying to say, but she noticed that she was getting closer and closer to the cliff she just sky fell off of. Finally the boy’s face popped over the edge and screamed, “ HOLD ON!!” With a couple more tiny tugs, May soon was heaving and crying at the top of the ridge. She sat, back against the chaotic city, looking down at the ground. The boy plopped down in front of her with a bright red face and a crooked smile. Before anything else, the boy suddenly said, ”Gosh dangit that wind, cutting my off every damn secon-.. Oh, I mean darn.” Without having to look up, the girl already knew who was it that saved her. The boy came to the castle gates every day to visit her and was often denied any chance. In result of this declination, he would always fight with the guards at the front. He usually wore navy colored overalls and a mustard colored shirt which did not match with his shaggy gray hair. If she remembered correctly, he was the son of the local wine-seller in the village. She did not pay much attention to him despite his attempts but always had him on tab. Unlike now, her view has changed. The boy in front of her, whom just spared her life, was wearing a light chestplate of steel and iron gauntlets that look like he forged himself, and rather poorly at that. This boy’s name.. was Trevor. Coming to her senses, May looked up to see Trevor’s light blue eyes locked with hers. She blushed slightly and cast her gaze downward. Despite making contact with all the subjects and guards in the castle. She never realized how beautiful his were. She wanted to keep looking but the sudden rush of events and conditions are holding her back. Within this small amount of time in her mind, Trevor was left speechless before her. He’s admired the princess of the Trabailan (tra`BY`IN) family for some time now and has undoubtedly liked her. She was as elegant and beautiful as he’d imagined and was now sitting for her. He couldn’t even find any words to say. He leaned over her tilted head out of sheer tiredness. (Using context clues, the boy is obviously tall). When May looked up again, she shockingly saw Trevor’s face hovering above her own. His eyes were closed, cutting off another chance for her to see his sparkling eyes again. Maybe he was expecting an award for saving her life. In assumption, the princess sat up slowly and kissed him on the cheek. She held her place for a while until the boy would reopen his eyes. When he did, he had not realized what happened. Not seeing how close the princess face was to his own he accidentally leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. His light blue eyes stared wide-eyed at May’s scarlet eyes. They both pulled away slowly, parting from each other. The distant yells and explosions became mute compared to the moment they were sharing. They were both quiet until Trevor spoke up when he whispered,”Hey, May, I know this may sound rude but I’ve liked you for some time now. And at this point *looks towards the city* would you be my princess?” May made a gentle smile. Then she said, “As long as you can prove it and protect me like you just did.” Trevor smiled and leaned in again. The brisk winter wind blew past them. May’s hair fluttered around them, hiding away both their faces. THE END (Hey some people need to make up some totally makeshift story with no conflict or point. It’s just fun to make them 🙂


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