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After story

Haha, rebellious, another post after our last class. Anyways, today is Sunday, the oh haunted day before finals week may be the most stressful.. even though I’m just sitting here typing on this blog instead of doing all my 13+ long review packets. Hopefully everyone is able to give up some of their time of their day to focus on studying. I’d like to commend Aspen for her determination on the ACT test on Saturday morning, both in same classroom. Umm, um uh.. I really enjoyed this class and would take it again if I didn’t pass or did. Lots of fun memories and people to meet there. I hope everyone’s finals go well this week. All I can suggest is to find yourself a comfortable environment and something to tear yourself away from the distractions. See you all soon, hopefully throughout the school year as well! Back to uh.. “studying” 😀


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