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Repost the stupid short story

Indistinguishable Dreams

Today was like many other days, with a high chance of abnormalities; He woke up, went downstairs out the back door, and walked towards the pool to the point where his feet were almost hanging off the cool concrete. He stood there in a haze, his sight only fixated on the calm unmoving water. Bubbles floated up to the surface, followed by something that looked the size of a soccer ball. The pool slightly shivered making tiny ripples across its water level as the object steadily made its way to the top of the water. The pure silence of the early morning cut through all his thoughts like a buzz saw, until the moment when the object eventually surfaced. There bobbing in front of him, was a volley ball with a bloody handprint on it with a face.  The boy blinked several times before leaning forward, almost falling into the pool, only to stop himself before the weight of his body pulled him in. Suddenly goose bumps erupted across his skin as his mind came back to its senses. Edric sat straight up in his bed, only to hit his head against his checker paneled ceiling with a thump. Damnet, the boy cursed under his breath. He tried not to be too loud in order to not wake his dozed brother below him. Peering tiredly at the clock beside his bed side, Edric groaned as he rolled away from the glowing red numerals. His alarm would go off soon, he should get up.

Edric lay in his bed wide awake now. He lay there in the quiet of the morning, his eyes adapting to the darkness around him. A small light crept through his window shades, illuminating his ordinary room. He let out a breath of air before shutting his eyes like curtains. He couldn’t recollect any dreams during his sleep, but he physically felt like he did. His feet were cold and covered in small scrapes from the concrete. He scratched his chest for the bug bite he had gotten while leaning against the wind of the outside. His nose crinkled up at the smell of chlorine that spread from his clothes to the rest of the bed. It happened again, he realized. His mind actually thought he was in the dream and began to interact in it, with his own body. I really need to stop this. He was determined to stop his body from falling under the false illusions of his brain.

Edric climbed down from his top bunk, trying his best to prevent waking his little brother from his undisturbed sleep. He inched his way closer to his computer, which stood on the opposite side of his room guarded by a mess of soda cans and dirty clothes. Using snake-like movement, he was able to move between the filthy messes without making noise, all those games of laser tag have finally pulled off. Reaching for the power button, his room briefly lit up in vivid colors due to the browsers he always kept open. His eyes scanned the information boxes before him, his eyes glued to the screen. His fingers traveled across the keyboard to find the treasure they were looking for. Before defeat of such a difficult quest, his heart had stopped when he laid eyes on two words on one of his browsers. His thoughts pierced his fingers cramped with vigorous typing; Somnambulism and somniloquy, the disorders of sleep walking and sleep talking.

Somnambulism and somniloquy are disorders that can be caused by deprivation of sleep, usually found in males and children.  His eyeballs drifted between the lines spotting out the words that summed up they’re meanings. Somanmbulism is a form of sleep walking, and somniloquy is the form of talking while asleep. Am I dreaming? He mumbled to himself in disbelief, this is almost exactly what I’ve been going through. The facts matched up. He always went to bed later than midnight every night because he played League of Legends or Pokémon  Gold late into the night. The reason for his real-life-dreams were because of his lack of sleep. Of course this preposterous activity didn’t occur every night, but whether or not it did or didn’t, is beyond the point. This was a breakthrough! A pulsating excitement grew in him. He didn’t bother telling anyone about it in the past because the idea of acting out a dream seemed completely crazy. But now, it seemed the only way to free him from this quandary was to prevent it, with or without help. And prevent it, he shall.

“Time to get serious,” Edric said aloud as he stood up and stretched from his chair after his glorious discovery. Edric then decided to begin his day of strategies by actually leaving his room to wake himself up with a nice hot shower. The squeak of the faucet turning filled the noiseless room. Steam rose to the ceiling and fog smeared across the mirrors. Reappearing in the doorway, newly dressed and cleaned, Edric re-entered his shared room to find his brother gone. He then went to work busily scouring through his drawers and closets for the numerous materials he was looking for while humming a catchy tune. From his room, he collected these items: bells from Christmas, mini traffic cones that he once used for a driver’s education project, bubble wrap from the presents he received from his grandparents and electrical tape from his dad’s old tool set. He would also need a small bucket, but he could get that from the garage later. Before actually starting the preparations for his counter attack against his dreams, he had to ask his brother, Joshua, to sleep in the basement for that night. Even if Joshua declined, Edric would just lock the door on him but surprisingly Joshua accepted the agreement.

For once, Edric cleaned his room and threw all the trash and clothes in separate bags to be taken out or washed later. He then spread some the cones around the floor in a diagonal/zig-zag pattern. Next he used the electrical tape to make thick spider webs between each cone, occasionally attaching a small Christmas bell to them. Afterward, he laid down multiple layers of bubble wrap in the spaces that were left open between the webs. Stepping backward through his incomplete obstruction, towards his bed by the door, an eerie luminescence had appeared through his half opened blinds revealing an evanescent orb of light disappearing behind his neighbor’s houses. As the day was dying down, the work seemed dying off as well. Finally, one of Edric’s final steps was to place the bucket, which was now filled with chilled water, over the top of the doorway. The water bucket was an old prank, one that should be extinct by now, but was absolutely necessary for Edric’s Wake up Plan in case all the other traps were futile. Checking that everything was in place, Edric prepared for his first and last confrontation with his dreams and climbed into bed. Tonight, Edric’s fabricated plan would go into action.

From there the night pressed on. Edric lay in bed as his eyes sluggishly faded and his mind dissolved into non-existence. He dreamt of his plan actually working. In the dead of the night, his body would move itself from his bed and move done the miniature ladder to his booby trap infested floor. His mind subconsciously tried to guide its lifeless body through the webs of bells and bubble wrap but came out unsuccessful as it fell to the ground in the process of being tangled up. His confused body would reach for something to grasp, luckily grabbing the door handle for escape. Fortunately for him, it must have not remembered the bucket of water that was now falling down like a waterfall upon himself. Edric would then wake up, drenched in cold water, having defeated himself in his sleep. All he had prepared and dreamt about was soon to occur, his plan was perfect. Unfortunately his dreams were suddenly interrupted by a wretched scream from what sounded like his mom. Edric opened his eyes to see his mom crouching over him, her face distraught.

“Edric, honey, are you okay? I heard a loud crash from your room and rushed in to find you lying on the floor.”

“Crap! Ugh, what happened?” Edric lay confused on the ground, an acute pain piercing his legs.

“Edric, dear, are you awake? It’s your mom, honey. It looks like you fell from your bed ladder in the middle of the night and sprained your ankle; it looks like it’s swelling up. I’ll call your father and take you to the the hospital in the meantime, try to get ready if you can.”

Edric’s thoughts were scattered like fragments as he tried to raise his body off the floor, but stopped shortly afterward because his attempts seemed useless. His ankle had utterly immobilized him from moving or doing any other action. This sucks. Edric had been interrupted by such a stupid event, such as falling off a ladder, that his plan didn’t even have a chance to go in motion. Now he wouldn’t be able to set it up again or possibly even get around his room. Wait, if I can’t move to do what I want.. Then that means I can’t do anything while I’m sleeping! “Haha, take that brain! Edric exclaimed. “Oww…” Edric lay sprawled out on his bedroom floor in pain but with a smile on his face that says he had clearly won.


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