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8th Grade Poetry


I am everywhere you go but you do not see me.

I am nearby when you speak, you may hear me.

I lengthen in size, whether I be big or small.

I could be a goblin or a troll but you would not know.

I can be faster than a cheetah but probably not as fast as light.

I am cool and refreshing, especially on a summer’s night.

I like to go with the flow, but there is no real meaning in that.

A touch from me could be gentle, or you may not feel it at all.

If I told you more about myself, would you know what I am?


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I don't really understand these kind of sites..

2 responses to “8th Grade Poetry

  1. Hey–everything okay? You’ve been zonked out the last few days in class. I need you alert and putting in your usual good input. Let me know what’s up. (You can delete this comment instead of posting it.)


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