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Dreaming IRL

Dreaming IRL

Today was like many other days that was not normal under certain circumstances; He woke up, went downstairs out the back door, and walked towards the pool to the point where his feet were almost hanging off the cool concrete. He stood there in a haze, his sight only fixated on the calm unmoving water. Multiple bubbles floated up to the surface, followed by something else that couldn’t be quite described. The pool slightly shivered making tiny ripples across pool line as the object made its way to the top of the water. The object bobbing there in front of him was nothing he didn’t expect but a person’s head. The boy blinked several times before leaning forward, almost falling into the pool, only to stop before the weight of his body pulled him in. Edric sat straight up in his bed, only to hit his head against his checker paneled ceiling with a thump. Before lying back down, the boy peers tiredly at the dim clock beside his bed that read 5:30 AM in big red numerals. He should get up soon.

Edric laid there wide awake now. Goose bumps erupted all over his skin as he slowly fell back onto his bed in pain. He lay there in the silence of the morning, his eyes adapting to the darkness to observe his ordinary unchanged room. He couldn’t recollect any dreams during his sleep but somehow strangely remembered the activity he had just subconsciously took part in.  His feet were cold and covered in small scrapes from the concrete. He scratched his chest for the bug bite he had gotten while leaning against the wind of the outside. His nose crinkled up as the smell of chlorine spread from his clothes to the rest of the bed. It happened again. His mind actually thought he was in the dream and began to interact in it, with his own body. “I really need to stop this,” he thought as he slowly got out of bed to start his last day of the weekend.


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One response to “Dreaming IRL

  1. Lots of great details. Be sure you get to the inciting action soon and let us know there’s a conflict for this character. I’m getting the sense that this may be one of those stories that keeps the reader guessing. Be sure not to confuse the reader too much if that’s the case. Good start!


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