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Standing no chance to win but we’re not running.

Our enemies raised their weapons like flags, and they grimaced with vain.

Frozen in time, we did not falter.

Failure is gained if we show our trepidation.

So then it began.

The earth shook as our foes galloped across the clearance between us.

Caught to our surprise, our legs were stuck and locked in place as if snared by bear traps.

There were more than we realized but it was too late to turn back now.

We raised our blades into the colorless gray sky and prepared to initiate combat.

Our sight did not move from our killer’s eyes.

The battle had already commenced.

As we blended into the fight, my thrill for resolve came forth.

Clanging of weapons and yells were the only things that could be heard besides the sound of my own pounding heart.

Our minds were caught in the action and our sense of time was lost.

I looked at my friends and allies to find them smiling; before I knew it, our battle was over.

I stared down at my blood coated hands, allowing silence to invade the empty battlefield.

As my closest friend caught site of me in all the commotion, his smile was washed from his face and was replaced with despair.

My senses began to fade and my body felt extremely heavy.

We had won right?

I fell to the ground with tears rolling down my face.

I smiled.

I had almost survived.


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