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Between Reading and Focusing

 It’s come to my attention that a lot of the activities that we do in school will not affect us in the future. Personally, I would love to just read my current book, Little Brother, instead of doing such activities. Unfortunately I can’t decide how the classes function or what we do in them. For instance, yesterday we were assigned a reading assignment to find out the author’s tone and theme of the passage. Although that was the assignment, I intentionally did not attempt to do it because I was uninterested in the actual topic of the passage. In order to grasp my attention, I would prefer if assignments would be of a more interesting or challenging concept, unlike today’s language art’s assignment which was about our highway system for the last 50 years. The point that I’m leaning towards is that I consider myself stubborn and unwilling to do something that doesn’t interest me. This little blog has nothing to do with changing the school or anything; I just wanted to express my feelings toward useless school assignments that could be replaced with my own beneficial interests, such as free reading.  Well.. *shrugs while shaking his head* hopefully I can finish my new book within the week. XD


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4 responses to “Between Reading and Focusing

  1. Understandable. I heard a math teacher explain that even though most of us will never need trig, etc. Learning it teaches our brains to learn and compute so that when we do have to learn actual life-helping skills, our brains are more prepared. Aaaaand also, sometimes we just give you stuff because it’s in the curriculum. It’s so hard to keep it interesting every day. I think as long as you’re reading, you’ll be fine.


  2. I usually let students read something else if I’m giving notes. Those are their responsibility. It’s just one of those things you gotta tolerate until college.


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