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Shrink a Century

The day would begin with the sound of slamming doors and stomping feet, while the bell would signal our retreat back to our cars. I would rarely return back to my own car alone, I was always accompanied by my best friend Greg. We were inseparable, at school, at home, through the seasons, or through the years. There was not a time I wasn’t with Greg.

  School ended like the bell to start the first class, and summer ended like eager students waiting for the 7th hour class to finish. Separation of classes meant nothing since the day was already planned for us after school. Riding home in a familiar car each day and staying until nightfall to the point when we would both depart until the very next day.

Our adventures would exceed our own minds as we climb, bike, build, and play the day away. The adrenaline built up inside our small 2nd grade bodies would soon be drained from us as we dive into river of fun that lays between our two houses. The short distance between our houses was almost nothing compared to the memories and months we’ve spent together, plus why not make it better and mention that we technically lived in the same neighborhood. Every day we were neighbors, classmates, and best friends. 


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2 responses to “Shrink a Century

  1. Really good. I liked how it was short, but had plenty of details so i got the point. (it feels complete even if you didn’t finish)
    1. Is Greg still your friend?
    2. Did you have any classes with Greg? Lunch?
    3. How close did Greg live?

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    • 1.) Greg moved away that year. Gaining years, slowly growing up, and keeping memories open is how I spent my days after third grade through fifth grade. I kept in contact with Greg through flat electronics screens that passed information back and forth through electrical waves. After those years apart, I lost connection with my best friend but did not betray the friendship I built up with him for the years we spent together. Up until freshman year I considered him my best friend, until we were reunited in North Carolina, where they live. Although upon seeing each other again, I was open jawed. He had changed and not in the good way. My relationship with Greg had already dissolved over time but now it has almost turned to ash. I consider him my friend still but not the friend i can hang out with anymore, besides the distance of course.

      2.) Greg was not in any of my classes with me because he was 3 months older than me, which bumped him in the grade above me. Despite that, we hung out together no matter what.

      3.) Greg lived in the neighborhood connected to mine up an overly large hill. He lived no more than 1 minute away.

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